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How to help your friend or family member order Watkins products

If you are reading this page, you were likely asked to assist a Watkins consultant who is feeling confused or uncomfortable with ordering online. Thank you for assisting them! They may only need help this one time with understanding the process.

If you're familiar with ordering at Amazon or other sites, assisting them should be fairly easy. Use a desktop or laptop computer (ordering on a tablet/phone can be challenging).

You will be helping them do the following:

  1. Make sure they have an email address on file with Watkins.
  2. Reset their password with the "forgot password" feature.
  3. Log in to the ordering site.
  4. Add items to their cart.
  5. Checkout.
If they already know their password, you'll be skipping the first two steps.

Does the Consultant know their password for the ordering site at watkins1868.com?