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Don't skim! Take time to actually READ these instructions. It will save you time and headaches!

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If you're a current Watkins member, you should get access to our training site beginning around noon on the day after you join (although it may take longer over some weekends and holidays).

If you've forgotten your password (or never knew what it was), follow these steps:


When new members join, they are initially assigned a password based on their email address and phone number. So, if you have not previously changed your password for this site, try this formula:

Take the first four characters of your email address that is on file with Watkins (and change any capital letters to lower-case).

Then append the last four digits of your phone number that is on file with Watkins.

Example: For Joe Martin whose email is JoeMartin@Yahoo.com and phone number is 636-555-8984, his password would be joem8984

Click here to try logging in again with your default password


Submit the form at the bottom of this page. Our system will immediately ATTEMPT to email your password to you. If you don't receive it within five minutes, it means your email provider is deleting it without delivering it to you. There's no need to try over and over again—if you don't receive our email with your password on the first try within five minutes, then go on to Step 3 and call by phone.


If you try the form below but don't receive our email with your password within five minutes, then you need to call our Timeless Integrity administrator, Jerry Fochtmann, at 636-778-1181 to get your password. If Jerry is not at his desk, speak slowly and clearly as you leave a message with your Watkins Consultant ID#, your phone number, and how late he can call you back. You can call and leave a message for Jerry at any time of day or night. (Note: Jerry is a busy Watkins member just like you. He tries to return all calls the same day, but it can take longer in some situations.)

Submit the information below and we will attempt to email your password to you:

Your Watkins ID Number:

Your Last Name (enter your last name that is listed in the Watkins records—if your last name includes a hyphen or apostrophe, enter only the portion of your last name that comes AFTER the hyphen or apostrophe):

Your State/Province Abbreviation (enter the two-letter abbreviation for your state or province that is listed as your billing address in the Watkins records):

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